Sunday, 20 July 2014

So It's Sunday.

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SO! It's Sunday ?
The 20/07/2014.

So What! I here you say,
it's just another day?
But is it? just another day I mean.
There will never be another.

So! what went through your mind today?
That made you stop and think, some little memories that surfaced making you  think,
Making you feel sad or even happy? share it with me and maybe it will help to enhance my Sunday.
I'll share a memory of mine with you,
I'll go first okay?

I was never gifted with the ability to play any instrument.
But I was gifted with the ability to listen and  sing along.
You know what? it is enough to make me happy.

So share with me and you may make me happy

Oh Yes! another little memory, that's tripping through my mind.

I went down to the St James Infirmary,
and I saw my lady there,
She was laid out on a long white table, so cold, so dead, so fair,
So let her go? let her go? God bless her.
She can search the whole world over,
But she will never find a loving man like me.

This blues song conjures up memories for me.

So I invite you to share a wee memory of yours with me.



  1. There have been a few moments in my life which resound but none as much as the day when the lady I was later to marry came through airport customs after a six month separation. It was a dreary, dismal day but the moment the doors slid open the sun shone brilliantly through the terminal windows. Or maybe it didn't but it felt like it and that memory always makes me smile - and that was thirty three years ago.

  2. way to go Roger, thanks for your visit

  3. My ‘special’ memory like the one Roger mentioned also occurred in an airport but for me it was the first glimpse of my son after an absence of five years. I knew he was well and happy (living in Australia) but speaking on the ‘phone is just not the same.

    1. Thank you for sharing that Special memory with me about your son coming home to thee. be well.

  4. I have nothing that compares with the three of you. I guess my most special memory was carrying my newborn son through the door into our house and the feeling that he always lived there with us.

  5. Oh! I also have this memory, and yes its very special, thanks for sharing, be well,agman


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