Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Was it something they said?

Was It Something they said?

We all have memories and dreams of what a person, (special or otherwise)  has said to us, leaving an imprint of it on our memory.
I believe that these special words are a road to the creation of stories and I'm interested in finding and seeing them.
So please share yours with me, of course I know "I love you wins hands down? but I want you to look further than that.!
So I will leave you with mine and look forward to receiving yours.

 Please I Beg You Stay.

be well    Agman


  1. What an interesting post. The first thing that comes to mind is my grandfather, suffering from Alzheimer's, saying to me: Thanks for bringing me clams. He wasn't exactly sure who I was, but I brought him his favorite food and I knew it made him happy. :)

    1. How sweet that is. Thank you for your comment. be well Agman


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