Monday, 27 October 2014

That watchful eye

She was in the bathroom applying her make-up,
under the watchful eye of her grand-daughter as she had done so many times before!
As she started to leave the bathroom,
the wee princess said " Grandma you for-got to kiss the toilet paper good bye.

Don't you just love them?



  1. Yes, we do! The things our little granddaughters say always make us smile. We bless our daughter-in-law for remembering to take videos of them doing ordinary things - to us, they are precious and very, very special.

  2. Yes they are precious and very very sweet! you just can't beat that sort of let me say in an ordinary way, Don't you just love them to bits? My Number one princess is 16 years of age on Tues next week, I'm not in a state of panic yet but I will be, be well agman


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