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Amun-Ra the king of kings


King of Kings.

Part of his Story.

Place:   Giza.  Egypt.

Duty:    Crop Spraying.

Snow Commander 600 hp
Mid 1970

Well I have just finished my spraying for a  while and unless I get called back?
I'm off to revisit the Pyramids and a deserted tomb, I found at Abydos a few years ago.

I will be interested to see! if it is still the same as I last saw it? or has it been robbed and plundered, by the people who should know better!

On arrival at Abydos I parked up and took my pack up and just started to walk around to familiarise myself with my surroundings,
I was pleased to notice my crypt entrance, still seem to be untouched,
I have always had this little fantasy, that this untidy and ignored entrance, led down to the greatest tomb ever and it was defying being found, by the tomb robbing bastards!
Who called themselves  Egyptologist!

I know it's just my fantasy and I know. technology! will find all in the end, but for me it just doesn't seem right.

I went forward to ask the guard for permission to enter the old tomb entrance and gave him $10, he said "there was nothing there, but your welcome, enjoy," so off I went.

As I climbed down the entrance stair way! (to Heaven!) that strange magic  seemed to start,just as before, first a buzzing sound like a bee hive, followed by a slight vibration passing through me, nothing threatening! in fact it felt calming and it was warm.
So down I went, on down those ancient steps, with all the enthusiasm of a hungry wombat digging up a root , in the bush!

It looked as if nobody had been in to disturb the sand, as I went further in,
There were still no footprints.
I found the ancient hallway and followed it along to the end,
I placed my hands on the wall and it seemed to be humming, my fingers tingled, the wall felt alive with some power, a very low frequency of a sort that I didn't understand?
Moving my hands along and over the surface of the dead end of the wall, I could feel the pulsing of whatever power was coursing within the wall,
This was so exciting!

I just knew there was something behind the wall, something was happening? and I was standing right beside it, it was alive? and I felt a part of it? What ever it is?
I was alarmed in one way really, but I felt no fear, it seemed to have a calming effect on me.
Then a manifestation of a man appeared through the wall in front of me, a real phenomenon! straight out of the rock? first thing I thought was, I'm crazy? what to do? run! but my feet were stuck to the floor.

This man who had stepped through the rock, stood holding his arms out to me, he was a bit shorter than me, and naked except for a few amulets and a kilt type skirt around his wast,
He had a kind look on his face with a aura glowing from him.

As he stepped forward, he touched my arms and I instantly felt calm and his magic.

"He said he was the First King of Kings and his name was Amun-Ra!
He asked me if I would follow him through the living rock? as he would like to talk with me".
Which I did, what else could I do?
I felt hypnotised by his overwhelming presence.
Passing through the wall I felt the energy within the wall pulling at me, it was like stepping into another world, which it was, as it turns out!

I thought to myself ! I've gone too far this time and there will be no way out or back from this?
I've lost all my marbles? so I will just have to play this out and see where my mind leads me.

I was standing in an ancient room dazzled by their display of hieroglyphs on the ceiling and walls. in gold, I was asked to sit, so I sat on the only chair that was there, an unbelievable piece of art made of hard wood and decorated in gold with a leopard skin cover.
As I sat looking about I saw other gods? kings? or deities? What ever?, joining us in the room,
I felt no fear, in fact I felt contentment. They all seem to have an aura about them!

This truly must be magic and a room of Maat?  or  I'm lying dead or unconscious some where?
and my brain is shutting down and telling me stories, to ease my passing. What-ever?

Amun-Ra approached me, "You have shown great trust and faith in passing through the living rock" Looking straight into my eyes he went on to asked me "if I would consider helping them?"

"As we no longer can walk on this land and have no physical contact with it". " we need help with physical things" " There is no time for magic it's too slow".
he said "he had seen me standing on the stair-way to heaven! in the land of Punt ( the Sudan) and after spending many days with-in the Holy of Holy places you left, leaving everything as You had found it, as you said you would and you told no one". "A rare blessing for us, thank you!"

"We know now? that you know and that you! can feel the magic and spells protecting our burial site behind the wall."
"Nobody from this world, (your world) has ever been able to do such a thing.
Watching you over the years we have called you the the keeper of secrets, a name given to you by the priest in the land of Punt".
"We would like to honour you ?  if you accept, the title of  ( in our world)   Hery Seshta!     (in your world)  the Keeper of Mysteries and Secrets." You will become one with us.

We all know what great trust is given, when somebody gives us a secret to keep?

I was just so gobsmacked! I didn't know what to say?
I stood up bowing before the King of Kings,
offering my hand, thanking him for the honour  he bestowed upon me,
I said" thank you and of course I will help,  if I can" " But what can I a mere mortal do to help an immortal God"?

Amun-Ra said "Firstly I must tell you our story; We are not immortal, we are unable to read minds, just influence them in the ways of Maat" Fairness,Truth, Balance, Harmony, Justice,

"The Butterfly may consider you immortal? because it only lives for a few days and you live for over 60 years?" generations of the butterflys life!
So to the butterfly you seem to be immortal?
"We live for 5000 million years and more  (in your years)
so the people of Kemet thought of  us as immortal."

We were only able to influence them with our thoughts, which we did,  guiding them towards the practise of Maat within their lands and between each other.

"In truth we came here many thousands of years ago in your time, from our home far beyond the sun, to study and investigate the 5000 million year cycle, that seems to occur on this world regularly,
Which seems to send this world  back through time to start again, destroying everything.
For no apparent reason? the planet seemed to be reborn, to start over again.

We thought we could influence the cycle and stop it, from destroying this world again.
After surveying the whole planet, we saw evidence of other people who had tried similar pyramid type machines, who had to leave before the cycle past again destroying their work.

We decided to settle in the green valley of the great river, which was integral to the operating of our pyramids, so we called it the land of Maat.

We found the local people there already practised Maat in a fashion between each other, which was very agreeable to us,
We influenced the leader of these men of kemet  and after many years, we developed a strong religious base to work  from.
The people were willing to build, learning all the skills needed to complete the undertaking,

Our scientist believed that if they were to build a series of Pyramids along the great river, reaching out and touching the river with the toes of the Pyramids, which reached out into the flowing river generating great power, linking it to the power of the stars.

The Pyramids were built as complete copies, and mimic the exact positions as the major stars in the Orion belt. Generating the power directly from the universe.
The effect of  the two positions between the Astronomical belt of Orion and the positions of the Pyramids built upon the great river. would create a force that would keep the planet within its rotational orbit, stopping the 5000 million year destructive cycle. Or so we believed?

So a complete copy of the Astronomical belt of Orion's star group high up in the heavens over the land of kemet. was built.
The great stones floated ( levitated) over the land to their resting places, after we placed the magic stones on them enabling their movement.

Over the hundreds of years of building that it took, we had high hopes of success.
Our Religion began to play a big part in the lives of the people of kemet,
They began to willingly follow our teachings, their leaders were called Pharaoh and were worshipped by the people as immortal Gods.

We maintained  a direct influence on Pharaoh, to follow the word of Maat, and for many years all was well, a land of peace and commerce , growing into a great and fair society,
We were very proud of our people and their progress towards a fair and equitable land, we had grown into the biggest civilisation in the known world.

Then a great tragedy over took the land, our neighbours started to make war against our people, for no reason? without weapons to defend them-selves there was a great slaughter,
So Pharaoh ordered the people to take the copper tools used to shape the Pyramids and make weapons of war,
We were surprised how quickly the people developed into warriors on such a large scale.
Soon the invaders were driven back,
Pharaoh became the invader, war had raised its ugly head over the land of kemet,

We were totally perplexed with this thing called war, unable to offer any help in war, in fact we had no idea about war. It was just so appalling to us.

We as Ascended Beings had left war behind us, many thousands of years ago. and we live in a state of Maat,( order, truth, justice, and harmony)

We had forgotten mans primeval need for war in his development, as it was a cruel but natural development, it couldn't be stopped.
We were at a cross roads with this natural tragedy, what to do?

When another greater tragedy revealed itself to me, as I looked into the future beyond the sun, for answers! but there were none,
All I saw were great wars, frightening, unbelievable, examples of mans cruelty towards each other.
It would seem that this planet will remain at war until the next cycle ends it and then it will start over again, and again and again. how could we have been so wrong? Such a destructive race.

Then I saw strange men plundering our Pyramids and tombs, destroying our mummies in their search for plunder, walking through the sacred dust of their ancestral bones, just for gold and taking away our most sacred relics to their great buildings,

Where our brethren are trapped, unable to leave and can no longer return to the Portal of life, in the most sacred tomb, here at Abydos, So they can never cross over through the portal, back into our own world.

I have taken steps to stop the plunderers from ever being able to read our stories and understand our pictures, they will only ever create their own stories, within their own realm of understanding and in directions that we have sent them. These men will create stories about us, our way of life when we have departed many thousands of years ago.
These stories and myths are without any true basis, written by man for man, impossible to prove.

I have removed the magic stones from the Pyramids, so they will crumble with time and not survive the next cycle."

"Now I need your help, we need you to visit all the places where our brethren are and set them free by wetting them with the great rivers water, from our land of Maat,"

"We are unable to do anything physical in this world, we can't even pick up a stone?

So I ask you again will you help us?" I said "Yes" he said " Thank you,
We will now, with magic amulets, protect you from harm and evil.
We will place on the skin of your ankles and wrist, the Amulet "Scarabeus sacer",
These scarab amulets are of great strength and magic, giving you power from the Deity "Khepri" you will feel a slight warming against your skin as the amulets join with you, endowing you with new life and resurrection."
"We will place the "Ankh" around your neck with the "knot of Osiris" joining the gold chain with the knot of "Osiris"  it will give you the Key to life and to the great river, any water touched by you, will have the same power  as the great river,"

I could hear the gods in the back ground praying during this period and I could feel the joining of the amulets with me,
"You now have the ability to move unnoticed around the museums helping with your task but you cannot pass through solid objects yet."
"I will make a Shenu out of gold rope and place your name within it's boundaries and leave it in the Queen of Queens burial chamber, showing that you are a protected priest of Amun-Ra, the king of kings.
All of the Gods seemed to be departing through the walls, I was left with Amun-Ra, he placed his hands upon me again and I felt his magic, he thanked me and invited me to step back through the wall, which I did, there I was just standing in the hallway.

Making my way back to the surface I wandered into the bright sunlight I was momentarily blinded until I pulled my hat down and my dark glasses on. I waved to the guard he shouted to me " You didn't stay long", I white lied him,  saying " I have to go back to work, bye"

I checked my watch and it showed I was only gone a few minutes, it felt like hours, that's cool.
I looked at my ankles and I could see wee tattoos of a scarab on all four of my limbs, as I moved I could feel the Ankh and chain moving around my neck, but I couldn't feel it with my fingers, strange!
It's a kinder magic ?

I made a major mistake I meant to ask Amun-Ra if my world had a God? and what was he like? anyway I forgot! next time?

I drove on into Cairo and booked into a Hotel, I still had a few days off, so I thought I'd spend it in the museum with my water bottle? now that really was strange, first day the queue was really long and after 40 minutes I was in and as I walk about in and out restricted  rooms. using my water as I went, nobody seem to notice me,
In the middle of the entrance was glass case with a mummified body of a great Pharaoh in it,
I just knew it was "Amoonets" Pharaoh, the glass case had a broken piece of glass removed in the corner at the rear, which I sprayed water into, and just walked away, nobody seemed to notice me,
Over the next couple of days I visited the museum every day and I found I could just walk straight past everybody, I wet every relic with water from the holy river and just walked away.

Over the following years I visited all the museums and private houses that housed any Ancient Egyptian relics in the world, and performed my quest with the water.
All the years that it took to complete this task nobody! just nobody noticed me? talk about feeling insignificant, but in truth I just hoped it worked.

Now I'm back in Cairo at the hotel and tomorrow I will return to Abydos, my curiosity is driving me crazy.
I look into the mirror in the bath room and I see my reflection, my hair has thinned out a wee tad and its grey to white, my face is well lined, but I've got no belly? and even if I do say so myself!  I'm a sprightly looking old boy for my age? talking about age? I'm not sure what age I am? this adventure took me at the very least a lifetime to complete, and my mind seems to be forgetting little things?
like birthdays and other things?

I find myself entering the stairway where this adventure began for me,
I'm having difficulty with my walking and I have a painful stoop, old age!
But I will make it along the hallway of eternity to the portal once more, possible for my last time, I'm beginning to stagger, my time is near for my old body.
Standing in front of the living Rock I stretch myself up to my full height, placing my hands upon the wall, taking a deep breath I step through the wall and into the chamber.
"Amun-Ra greets me, he turned to the crowd behind him and introducted  me. as this worlds "God Hery-Seshta"
The dieties all moved forward and just touched me as they did so, I could feel their Ka giving me strength, as they all disappeared, we were left with the most beautiful woman " Amoonet Queen of Queens" and her Pharaoh,
She stepped towards me and a small man at her side extended his hand to me , the Queen said this is "Sunu" my most trusted of all priests"
" Now I have a gift for you" she she  laid he hand on my shoulders,
I felt my youth return to me ( Like a Bondi Tram)
They began to lower there heads as a sign of respect as I did in return and they moved away through the wall,

"Amun-Ra" told me that "I would be very welcome to follow him through the portal of life and live as an ascended being in his world, under the teachings of "Maat".
Once again I was gobsmacked at his way of offering such a great gift to me, as if it was nothing?
He said "I sure you would prove to be an asset to my world".

I bowed my head before him, and said " Great King Amun-Ra" I must decline your great and generous offer for I am from this world and if there was a chance that I could be an asset in your world, then it follows that I may be an asset in my own world however small,"and in some small way be of help towards our development."
With respect "O King of Kings" I have a strong feeling which grows stronger ever day, since our paths crossed, I have the feeling that I am part of this planet, and rightly? or wrongly? if I leave, part of my world will be missing unbalanced, does that matter? I don't Know.?

My curiosity is killing me! "Do I want to run down to the portal of life and enter your world Oh Yes ?I do!"
"Do I want to come to your world live in Maat and leave this warmongering planet behind,? Oh Yes "I Do"
But That's what I would call "a cop out" and that's not me.
So I will stay, Maybe somewhere along the way, I will make a difference.?

"Thank you Great King for your offer to me, I will possible always regret my decision today, thank you for the adventure you allowed me".
Amun-ra smiled at me, saying " I anticipated your answer"  "Go Well Hery Sashta" of Earth.

I called to him just before he was going to leave, "Please Amun-ra Great of King of kings,
Does my Planet have a God? does he exist? please I must know?"

"Our knowledge, is not perfect or infinite,
Stories handed down by the men of this planet are mixed with fantasy and selfish gratification  and are impossible to prove,"
"Absolute belief is a long time away, but it will come.
Believe in the word of "Maat".

"I Amun-ra say to you, I believe your God does exist
and you are now a Celestial Being!  you will walk this planet and spread goodness with your teachings and become a great prophet! even a God!

I will return to you in the fullness of your time?

Next minute I'm climbing out of the stairway, into the bright sunlight, The guard waves to me and I walk to me car, taking out my mobile phone, I check the time and date, I've only been gone 2 hours.
and its the same day.

how Cools that?



  1. Hello Agman, what a fascinating story/dream/real-life tale? I’ve no way of knowing which of those it is, but no matter I enjoyed it tremendously.

    1. Hi Babs Iv'e been following your family blog, it's great! very interesting, as for mine well? Dream ? maybe! real life tale or just a story ? who know's. but just let me say, that stairway is still there, It's a kinda magic.
      be well agman


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