Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Today's Memory.

Today's Memory: H.W 1922,

They say, I have never written of love,
As a writer of stories should do!

They say, I have never touched a women, with a touch that is tender, firm and true.

They say, I know nothing of a women's love and me, in fields of clover,
Where loves Roses grow and life begins anew. all because of you,
My love burst from me and flew to you.
On that special day.

They say, I must write with faltering pen? with a tear in my eye.
That may be so true?
But How would they know? really,
Do they think I do not know?

When loves first bloom burst upon me,
In days when my hair was brown,
The hem of your skirt was a sacred thing and your hair was an Angels Crown.

They say, I have never written of love,
They say, my heart is such, that the finer feeling's are not for me?
As I have no feelings or knowledge of love.
They say! they say! Oh God I wish they just would go away.

They are the darkest depths in the nights sky, where the cluster of stars hang low,
I was lost in our love, beneath those stars,
When our first loves promises came true.
Your body was a wonderland to me,
Setting all my senses free.
Happiness completely surrounded me.

There are things that would break my heart to write.
Oh yes it's true! but just let me say,
"Thank you Princess for being there for me on that Special, Special, day.

And they think! I do not know?

Sorry I didn't realize, a moment would last forever.



  1. Oh terence, are you trying to make me cry.....Norn x

    1. would I dare? best wishes to you and yours Cuz.


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