Friday, 16 May 2014

Could this be, Just a Ghostly Coincidence?

I'm not really sure if I believe in things that happen due to coincidence?

Even bumps? in the night, that gives a person, just a wee fright !

What do you think? a whole life within a minuscule of memory?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about me striking the ground! after jumping out of an aircraft, many, many, Moons ago, duffing up my ankle for a while!

I made the comment on my blog, "that on the odd occasions! a slight pain in my ankle reminds me of the incident".
The memory, of which had faded away, many years ago.

Which leads me too :-   Is this just Coincidental?

About a week after writing my blog,
I was getting out of my car when I felt a slight pain in my left ankle?
I had actually forgotten which foot I had broke? as you do?
Which was amazing really, when you consider I took a 9mm friendly to my shin! in the forces, same leg, which also hurt by the way.
The blog was still fresh in my mind and it amused me to feel the wee pain and then it was forgotten!

A couple of days later stepping out of the shower my ankle collapsed under me, sending me crashing to the floor, into a pool of mind blowing pain!
After a while, about an hour, maybe?
I sorted myself out and rolled onto my back and got myself into a sitting position against the wall, the pain was making me dizzy and my mind was swirling around in the pain and I felt cold.

I had no idea? how long I had been down.
But I was sure of one thing, shock was setting in and could cost me my life!
so I had to do something,  I bum walked my way to the phone table, dragging my leg behind me, some where along that long journey, swimming in my bubble of pain, I found myself floating, above a theatre in a military hospital.
I was looking down on a pilot, who was having his clothes cut off and crying with the pain! something about his foot? Whinger !
Shit! that's me, I'm so young?
More pain and I come crashing back to reality.
Somehow now! I'm in my local hospital and they are crawling over me like ants on a sugar cube.

I'm connected up to a heart monitor, they must think I've had a heart attack, they keep looking into my eyes, "his hearts seems fine". "he seems to be awake!"
"But there doesn't seem to be any recent damage to his body? that I can see". "no cuts or bruises".
but he has his share of scars?  "He's not talking ? maybe, he is deep in pain?"
Somebody looked into my eyes again and a voice said " He's heading for a coma due to shock, we can't seem to find what's wrong?"
A voice spoke to me, "What's your name?
What's happened to you? There was a barrier of pain between me and my speech, I was helpless.

One minute I'm laying on the bed in pain, next I'm floating around above, in a tunnel of bright light? looking down on myself, no pain, nothing, it seemed to me I was pulsing between the two worlds of pain and floating without pain?
Whilst I was floating, there seemed to be a tunnel of bright light above me, calling to me to come and follow the light, my Ka wanted to leave this adventure with pain and move on into the light?
Just then somebody touched my left leg I screamed and in a flash I was back in the bed.
A doctor sat near me and he said "hello, how do you feel? are you in pain?" I said "No! or at least I don't think so, my whole body seems to be buzzing, tingling?" he said, "don't worry that's your med's, we haven't got the amount right yet, we will".

"you seem to have a very unusual fracture to you left ankle, from the scans we have taken, your ankle seems to have suffered a serious blow, collapsing the inner bone structure, something we might expect from a blow from a large hammer." You don't seem to have any bruising or any marks for that matter that we would expect from such a incident, it seems very strange?"

"Tell me what happened ?"
So I explained to the doctor that I have not had any problems with my ankle for years, until this incident! he said "he thought my story was unfeasible! and it is was unrealistic for me to say, I had not damaged my ankle in the last couple of days?" it's beginning to turn blue and red.

So I went on to tell him my left ankles life story! from my taking a friendly shot to the shin, by some training Aussie with a 9mm Owen gun! right down to the parachute cock up in South Australia.
He said "OK" he obviously didn't believe me.

He went on to explain what they may be able to do for me.
But before anything happens, "we will have to stabilise you,
then we will try to reconstruct your ankle and remove bone from where-ever? and graft it together with steel pins and hope it works?" "We can not guarantee success  due to the nature of the wound, your choices are not good.
"You will be off your foot for 10 weeks or more it may even take you over a year before you walk again! and just so you know!"
"If the grafts don't take? we will remove you leg! just below the knee!
How do you feel about that?"
I never spoke,
Well I'm beginning to wish I'd listen to my spirit and walked off into the light!
If  this is a dream, that started following my striking the ground all those years ago and my whole life has been lived in the following minuscule seconds within the pain.
I have a ribbon of  questions that I don't understand, can this dream actually be my life.
Have I really lived my whole life in a wee dream? that's crazy!.
I will just have to wait and see, what the Universe has in store for me.

There has got to be another adventure out-there for me.

I am a Pilot?  That's what I Do. That's what I am.


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