Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Its Just A Tuesday

Quite day.

It's just a Tuesday?

In May 2014.

I searched my plane the other day,
Looking for something,
I could not find.
Maybe it's lost, deep within my mind.

So I searched my car instead,
Finding nothing of what I seek,
Only old papers and a receipt,
No message was left there for me,
So I continued searching,
For the thing I seek.

I checked out my pants back and front,
Even checked my shirt and coat.

Finding it will be far too remote for me,
So I will have agree,
It's true, what they say about me?

There's just no regret to be found in me.

How lucky is that?
Would you not agree?

I made a bucketful of mistakes.

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  1. lol, haven't we all? And I'm glad I don't find mine again.


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