Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Good Ole Cup of Tea

molly Brett

A lady in the bookshop said to me.
"You canna beat a good cup of tea,"

You can have it  weak or have it strong,
It doesn't matter what's gone wrong,
Tea will fix with a song.

In the bookshop I could see all the ladies drinking tea,
So that's when I started, drinking tea?

So here I sit in my chair drinking tea,
Not being able to stop you see.

Because now, I'm addicted to this blasted tea



  1. I agree Agman – tea and chocolate biscuits make life worth living!
    I love the picture – is it by Molly Brett?

    1. I forgot deary me? "Molly Brett" it has to be,
      I wonder if she also took a drink of tea.. be well agman

    2. Hello Agman, I'm sure she did! Her illustrations are so detailed and painstaking she probably needed several cups.

    3. Hello Agman, I see you have the name under the picture now (Molly Bret) - was it there last time I visited? If so I'm sorry I asked you a daft question. Take care, Barbara.

    4. Well it wasn't a "daft" (a new word for me) question, you were right I had forgot and I changed it after your question, so all's well that ends well, Whilst I was in an editing mood I attacked the Grim reaper, it's more than likely worse, but there you go! maybe I weep because my weeping changes nothing! sorry here I go again? thank you for your visit. be well Agman.

  2. I love tea, too! So many ways to drink it. I am about to have a cup right now (water is about to boil). :) Love the picture that goes with the poem/post.


  3. There is nothing like a good cup of tea. Loved the poem.

  4. I couldn't cope without tea - I have a cup every morning as soon as I open my eyes! Lovely illustration.

    1. That first cup of tea in the morning,
      which sets you up for the day,
      Just makes me want to say.
      Thank you for your visit to me,
      telling me all about the power in your cup of tea.


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