Monday, 28 October 2013

The Scarred Wounded Man.

And So The Day Begins.

I picked up this poem on the web.

It is by a Brit.
Clive Sanders.

They said it was wrong to fight in the war,
It must stop now with killing no more.
Give peace a chance, let god us adore,
Man is not bad, let love be the cure.

So a truce was agreed by the powerful men,
That let them re-arm, while the world said Amen.
Til a Maniac's bomb exploded and then
the fighting and dying started over again.

And the world shook its head and said we deplore
The hatred and violence that we all abhor.
If powerful men can't bring in a law.
What on earth can be done to finish the war.

Then the General said, "You must give me the men
Who are ready to fight any where, any when.
And support them you must, it's the sword not the pen,
That will finish the war and make peace again."

It's the boot on the ground that ends the war.
It's the man with a gun that evens the score.
It's the scarred wounded man,just his family adore,
Who will end the killing and justice restore,

By Clive Sanders.

Didn't he do well.



  1. Sad to say, but isn't this true? I thank God for our fighting troops.

  2. Our troops are so important and we should all be thankful for them. My hat goes off to everyone who has put their life on the line for freedom. Clive did a great job. Thanks for sharing! Love the picture that goes with it. :)

  3. Hello Agman, I’ve been over and read this two or three times without leaving a comment. I agree with Donna and Jess, and I too thank God for all the men and women who fight for their countries. But why must we keep killing one another? My dad was a little boy during the First World War, and he truly believed it was the ‘war to end all wars,’ but nothing has really changed. I just find it all so very sad.


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