Sunday, 20 October 2013

Isn't it Daft!


I learned a new word this week, 

I don't know why it passed me bye,
I can't remember meeting it before,
It certainly has never knocked upon my door,
Of course to my dictionary I did run, 
reading it through I found the word was true,
The word that I'm eluding to is "Daft"
I must of course thank my blogger friend, 
for giving me a new word to spend.
The bloggers name is not for me to say, 
but in her picture you will see, the clue to the blogger,
who was good to me.
Daft:   mad, crazy, foolish, stupid and silly and other things.

A Dafty I may be, so be gentle when you think of me.



  1. I love daft. It's one of the few word upon which one can put so much emphasis for naming someone a total plonker without it ever becoming obscene.

    1. It's just crazy, a word us old country boys didn't see, but it's neat thank you for your visit to me

  2. Dear Agman,
    What a surprise greeted me when I alighted on your blog this morning! Two smiling butterfly feet – can feet smile???
    Daft is an everyday word in my family, but I can’t say more, or I may give the game away!!
    I hope your day is a good one. Barbara.


    1. Lets not give the game away, but if you happen to go far away?just remember to smile and be sweet, when ( maybe?) you tickle those sweet little feet. go wellAgman

  3. What a funny word, isn't it? I like it.

  4. When I was at Uni I'm sure Daft wasn't there with me? or I was just some old dafty who couldn't see, but I love it now. and I agree a funny word it has to be.
    fond regards


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