Friday, 27 September 2013

Missouri Girl Scouts

                          Time for a change

Missouri Girl Scouts,
Fight for their camp in Latonka Missouri.

M. R. Hunter a well know author  after seeing some news paper reports in
the Albion New Era,
Churubusco News,
And the Northwest Press and as it was close to home,  he  decided to write his post, by way of protest on behalf of his wife (a former scout) and to gain support for a congressional enquiry.
They only need another 300 odd votes to force the enquiry.
I'm not confident that by the time it get's to an enquiry! the Girl Scouts Board of Headland Directors will not have had their wicked way! We will see?
I am sure they are fully expecting a bit of bad press and I'm sure their attitude is. It will blow over after a few days and they will carry on.
For the life of me, I just don't know why there is not more protest votes, there really should be millions.
It gives the impression that we don't really care that much, but we do.
We must show that we do care about this dastardly act.
Which attacks our basic democratic rights and way of life to live our own lives  and not be under minded by this group.
Who are using their position of trust covertly against us, for their own selfish reasons. Please read the blog.
I believe this is the thin end of the wedge, driven home by greed and selfishness.

Far too much of this type of thing is going on in the western world. The time of change is upon us, we must stand to and fend off this attack on our rights and way of life.
The fact that it needs so many votes before it gets noticed is amazing, I would have thought any honest politician worth his salt would be shouting for justice, which is what he is paid for, it's his job.
Well now what to do?
Well really, the truth is I don't know.
I wish I had some magic formulae that would make us trust our political leaders to do something on their own, but I haven't.

I know here in the UK we had a internet led confrontation with our politicians,  over their fiddling of their expenses and I would say it was a success, not 100% but a win all the same, some lost their jobs some went to jail, and a few paid back the money (they fiddled).
But not one admitted he was wrong, but taking into account what the bankers did! and none of them were prosecuted and they kept their ill gotten money.
It was a small win against the politicians.

So they say "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"
So lets put it to the test, let's all us bloggers send a blog on this subject with our views to all our councils, public servants departments, Unions, and celebrities and our politicians all over the world, let them know that we do care about this and expect them to care as well.

What I'm saying is, place it firmly in their minds and on their tongues, letting them know our feelings on this matter.

A few of our more talented Internet friends, may find out more information, that could make these law breakers think twice about their actions and it just may turn up a few whistle blowers.

I picked up my info for this blog from  a blog of great integrity.
So I ask you to tell your friends, to use the internet and the social networking sites to spread the word, if you agree.

My dream is of a place and time where
America will once again be seen as the
best hope of earth.
A.B. Lincoln.

Let our politicians take trust out of the dictionary and cultivate it.



  1. Agman, my friend, I like your style.

  2. Excellent post! I remember reading about this on Donna's blog. It is so important to write and let people know what we think about topics and causes that are important to us. I have a few things I need to write to my local government. There is a chance nothing will change if we don't try. :)

  3. When you write to your local government, (As I hope others will do) you should say as a member of this society you expect changes in the way they are performing their duties, in fact you demand them, it will be a slow process? one at a time, a whistle blower here a whistle blower there. It only takes one to start worrying about his or her position, and the sand will dissolve beneath their feet, because I think they are not on firm ground only united by their own selfish desires.
    Oh dear! the little fairy just said to me " dream on Donnelly" thanks for your support.


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