Thursday, 26 September 2013

Comment From A Poet

When I wrote my blog "Grim Reaper" last week felt I should edit it, straight away,
but then I never got around to it, lazy me. So it was no real surprise to me that a couple of comments were a bit hostile and vulgar so I binned them, but I apologise to them, we all have our own ideas.
I would like to mention a comment I received from Donna Yates of
"D.M.Y. Believing yourself" an outstanding blog,by the way.
She is very generous lady with her advice and her poetry and books are all good reading and I would recommend them to anybody, anyway back to my plot!

Donna's comment; She doesn't like to think of meeting the Grim Reaper.
But would rather think of somebody who loves her from the other side that would come and escort her home.

What a great line, it says it all.
What a great comfort it will be to so many people,

My little fairy was meant to imply this as well, but I just couldn't find the word's.
I'm sure she was waiting for me to smile and say I'm ready for you to take me away. maybe I'll tac this on the end of my blog?

Donna is doing a guest visit to  today,
all about budgeting and spending for authors, so pop and have a visit, you'll not be disappointed.

I have no more words left that I can say so I will leave you with.


be well Agman


  1. You are one of my most cherished friends. Thank you for mentioning me, and I truly believe it too. You, I think, are deeply loved on the Other Side.

  2. Thank you for your kind words be well.

  3. Well done on binning those hostile comments! I wish I had Donna's way with words, but as I haven’t I will just say I agree – you are well loved on the Other Side – never doubt it.

  4. Glad you got rid of the hostile comments! I love what Donna had to say. What a nice image to have in our minds. I always enjoy stopping in and visiting with you! Have a lovely weekend. :)

  5. Well Jess:
    a whisper comes to me,
    from a fairy in the tree,
    saying the DMS is the place to be,
    and thanks you for your visit to me


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