Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Grim Reaper ( you never know when you are called to go)

Jess at "The Secret DMS files of Fairday Morrow".
made a comment on one of my blogs,

She said "you never know when your time may be up"
Which got me thinking? It's so true! so this ones down to you, Jess!

The "Grand Reaper" or the "Grim reaper" or the "Dark Angel"! or whatever! take your pick, What about "Anubis"?  I'm sure there are more names for the last person we ever speak to, assuming we do get to speak?

I wonder who he works for? who's side he's on? does he
even have side?
Or does he just wait for your time to run out, lurking, waiting, hanging about.

He can come at any time?  day or night, any-time at all,
I'm sure he will give us all a fright, when he says, "times up"! "Say goodnight? "  "lets go"  "your dead"." "come now, we must be on our way." I haven't got all day.

Now I believe you must have a plan of what you will do,
when you meet the man.
Now I know my plan didn't work so well on my blog
"The Pearly Gates" so I've had to change my plan a bit.
So here's my latest update to it.

Now I fully expect to meet the Grim Reaper one day or night?
if he comes to me at night and stands at the end of my bed.
Then this is what I hope I would have said.

Lord!  Please don't take me today? I'm not ready to go away?
Don't make me leave a sweet memory behind,
My lady has no part in my crime.
Please let me go and see my lady once more and make things right? and let me say I'm sorry, for leaving and slamming the door,
give me that chance ? to go away with the taste of her name upon my lips? for she is my favourite memory of all.
Given by you I do recall.

And I will never see her again, before you send me away into that dark, bottomless pit with hells everlasting fire at the bottom of it.

Lord ? Who is this dark malevolent messenger of yours? standing close by at the head of my bed?
Who rips away the bond between me and my soul.

Ending the wanderings of my ways, stopping the stories of my days.
I don't know which way to turn to run away, my secrets will be untold and just like me, fade away in memory.
So this will be my last farewell, for I am surely off to hell.

Lord: After all the wrong I did to thee,
I know you will never let me be free,
because I committed that terrible sin.
Your commandments I broke and let slip away.
What's done cannot be undone? It's too late for me.
Your heaven is a place I will never see.

So when I die? and the reaper comes to take me away.
One grace I would ask of thee,
Bury me high up in the sky, so I can again learn how to fly.
If this is too much I ask of thee?
Bury me high upon a hill, beneath a tree over-looking the sea,
where the flowers grow and bloom each year,
and the sound of the sea will be sweet to my ear.

Lord ! If this is not in your plan for me? you could just leave me on the shore, the tide will come and wash me away,
a happy soul I will be, for at last I will be, all at sea.

Please? Lord? I beg of thee, forgive me? don't send me to that dark place? where I cannot see.
For in death I am fearful of eternity, a place where one cannot see.
It's too late to call back yesterday, all my friends have passed away.
Please? Lord I'm pleading with thee? don't do this to me, I'm sorry, can't you see?

Lord what can I say? what can I do?
I'm just a man made by you.

For me! today is my worst day, for the day of reckoning is here and I am shaking within my fear,
listening to the winds of time, as it blows me away from here.

It would seem I have to go and leave thee.
For I see a little fairy waits for me, to smile and say, "I'm ready for her to take me away"
To her realm of fantasy where all the fairies wait for me and the Queen of all the fairies, will forgive me?

I thank you Lord for listening to my plea?
and keeping the reaper away from me.

Think Kindly of me lord



  1. OH! It's such a thrill when someone visits me, a bit like having a fairy home for tea. thank you be well. Agman

  2. Now I need a strong cup of tea and a good blow of the nose! Your sad, sweet words made me cry.

    1. Come now princess don't cry,
      I found myself in a very difficult position which needed some creative excuses, I wonder If I survived? see!
      there you go I get carried away? your words create a wee story in me, about the drinking of a cup of tea? Well I'd better go.
      May your god bless you, be well Agman

    2. I forgot, " did you not see the little fairy waits for me"

    3. I did, but it didn’t help – your words are so poignant.

    4. I'm no writer, but I like to think what I would do? if something strange, out of the ordinary came my way,I'm just some old boy with nothing to do and all day to do it in, thank you for your visit, always a pleasure. be well agman

  3. Very deep writing today. I don't like to think of a grim reaper; I'd rather think someone who loves me on the Other Side will come and escort me home.

  4. What a wonderful idea? I would like that as well.be well. Agman

  5. I thought this post was so thoughtful and it gave me a lot to think about for sure. I can tell you have give this a lot of thought and I think what you plan to present is very touching. It pulled at my heart. I hope you get more time with this plea you have prepared! I like Donna's idea about a loved one being on the other side to get us. That sounds nice and they might be able to give us some advice too. :)

    How interesting that one of my comments helped to bring about this post. :) I hope you are well and that your days are bright and happy. Oh- and that the fairy took you someplace fun!

    Take care-

  6. I just reread this and it's come over as a bit morbid, which is not my intention,Its meant to be life?
    It would take an eternity to go back to the first wrong turning for us all, don't you think?

  7. I had to come back and read this again after your later post. I'm sorry to hear you had some negative comments. This is so poignant and so from the heart I can't believe anyone would be unkind or hurtful in their response. I love Donna's comment - it really is the way to think about it. In Africa death is called 'the crossing' & it is a kind of homecoming - don't know if you remember that from when you were there.

    1. I also think Donna comment is lovely and the way to think about it, be well.


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