Friday, 19 July 2013

The Mouse family 123

First book

To new Mummies where ever you are.

This a book  I think will kick start your babies imagination and you will like it too.
A first book for your baby.
Written by Rosalind Sutton.
Illustrated by Pamela Storey.

One little mouse is playing ball,
It bounces on the ground;
She throws it up into the air
To catch as it comes down.
Hide and seek

Eight mice are on a picnic
With Cookies and cakes to eat;
They sit down by the river bank
To enjoy their special treat.

Five little mice play hide and seek,
One counts behind the door;
He turns around and looks about
To find the other four.
_--------------------------- Just a wee taster.

Isn't it just so sweet?

Oh yes!  "March house books blog" run by Barbrara , is the place to go for all the info, more than I would ever know,
It's the place I recommend, I do believe she is a friend.

Babies and children are wonderful journeys
good luck with your's.



  1. Barbara's blog (and online bookstore) is like a wonderful treasure trove of treats. This book is just the cutest I've seen - wish I still had a baby in the family so I could have an excuse to buy it (when in reality I was really always collecting books like this for myself!)

  2. Books so true,your saying says it all for me, "A wonderful treasure trove of treats" there's no way to follow that.
    I may use that in an inscription for Rupert and Monty, I could write it on a Twenty pound note and give it to my Mathew, it's just a great saying. thank you for your visit.

  3. What a darling book! I would love to read this over and over to children. So precious.

  4. I'm so lucky I have a book town close to me and I go and see what I can see? often, and yes, precious is the word, I would say this book is for my Monty and I will be reading it to him in a couple
    of weeks, of course Rupert will listening in. thank you for your comment, be well


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