Tuesday, 30 July 2013


This is a part of a letter I wrote to my cousin after he kept ribbing me over the way I kept talking about my yacht.
He said I spent more time cleaning it, than I did  my own home, also reckons I had more time for it than I had for a woman. Which is untrue I love the ladies?

So I wrote him  what I thought was an amusing letter.

I hope you also find it amusing.

Cousin  Paul:

Excuse me my Cuz just thought I'd write and asked you for a bit of advice.

For some time now I have suspected my current lady of cheating on me.
You know the signs, phone rings and If I pick it up it goes dead?
She's been going out with the "Girls" a lot lately.
Getting back in the middle of the night ?
When I ask her about them! she just says "they are friends from work! you don't know them",
then I get that mind your own business look.

I have never pushed this subject with her, maybe deep down I don't
really want to face the answer.

But last night It really got up my nose, so I decided  to wait up and have it out with her.
Around midnight I went out and hid behind Seabiscuit.
Where I had a good view of the driveway and waited for her to return from her night out?
After about 15 minutes she turned into the drive,
"after her night out with the girls", yer bollocks !

As she got out of her car she was buttoning up her blouse, the bitch! It was fully open by the way.
Then the cheating cow took her panties from her purse and leaned on her car to put them on and quickly gave herself a spray.

I was just on the point of running out and having it out with her, for once and for all, I really felt insanely jealous, seriously!

As I turned around, I just happened to see some hairline cracks in the gel coat on the yacht near the transom area, it made me feel sick.
Do you think it's something I can repair myself, or
do you think I should send if off for a professional repair ?
As you know I respect any advice you can give regarding the repair of the boat.

Life is like a warm bath, the longer you stay in it the more wrinkled you get.

Regards your wrinkled Cuz Terence



  1. lol- See the boat can take your mind off anything. I bet your cousin had a good laugh. :)

  2. Hope you gave the double bottems an inspection lol cuzmike

    1. I always make a point of keeping my eye on her rear section, be well cuz


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