Thursday, 11 July 2013

Flip Flops Secret

I picked up this book in a second hand book shop, I knew I had a rare find. Written by Molly Brett.
Born 1902 Died 1990.
She grew up in Surrey UK.
Her distinctive and innocent Style has enchanted children for a generation, with her beautiful drawn details. illustration and colour and captivating magical atmosphere.

Giving her little animals a human face.
It's my secret and I shan't tell you.

Now the other animals often 
laughed at that funny little frog,
because he was so slippery and had no soft fur coat,
He has no ears giggled the rabbits.
He can't sing songs twittered the birds,
He hasn't even a tail chuckled the Squirrel and 
not a single whisker tittered the mice.

This is just a wee taste of her talent and to her memory

One of my passions is to collect the inscriptions usually written on the first page, a well wish? a small endearment from the past? a small rhyming verse and many more,
unfortunately no words were left in this book, leaving it naked to the world, so sad, just a collection of pages, without that special feeling.
Well I will of course, place my message and date on the first page, when I send this book to my grand-sons Rupert and Monty.
So  "Night Night sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite and if they do just remember your grand-dad loves you".



  1. This book looks adorable. Thanks for sharing it with us. So sad there was no inscription- but I love that you are adding one for your grandkids. I have books my grandparents inscribed to me- and I hold them dear.

  2. When I picked this book up, it was as if it stuck to my hand, demanding to be inscribed and given life, I'm sure it will spread happiness within our family and beyond.
    thanks for your visit. Agman

  3. Sweet. It's got wonderful illustrations.

  4. So true it's already on it's way to a new nightly posting at my sons house, for Rupert and Monty, be well my friend Agman.

  5. Its lovely - I still get a thrill when I see books like these - their magic has never dimmed for me. Your grandsons will love it!

  6. I just picked up another two books unmarked and in as new condition, at the charity shop, I visit to collect buttons for Rupert's Mother she makes dress's. How lucky is that, thanks for your visit. Agman


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