Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Kangaroo .


Let me just give you a taste of a great Australian Poet, Who still rocks my boat, after all these years. 

H. Lawson.

Two couples are drifting the self same way.
Men of the world know best.
From the ballroom glare, as the night grows grey.
Men of the world can tell.
Many are around them who knew and know. 
But men of the world are blind.
That couple in front has nought to do
with the couple that comes behind.

The women starts on her partners arm,
for reason he could not tell,
She trips and she laughs the society laugh.
That men of the world knew well.
If she laughs too suddenly or talks too fast,
We are deaf as well as blind.
Twas only the ghost of the girlish days.
When she married the man behind.

He feels the pain where his heart had been,
for reasons he cannot tell.
A spasm that mar's the cynical smile.
That men of the world knew well.
A spasm that's known in society
and many men out of the hunt.
Twas only the ghost of his boyish hopes,
When he married the women in front.

And the man in front and the women behind
Oh society smile and bow.
They are too well bred to ask even in thought,
What has come to their partners now.
But the couples drift in society's stream to 
the kerb where two cabs wait.
It was all because of what others had said,
and a word that was spoken too late.
It was a different time,
but it still makes me take a deep breath, 
did it touch you?
Poetry is my echo, calling to me to dance,
The dance of life.



  1. It is very powerful - and all the more poignant because missed opportunities like this tend to be so universal.

  2. Makes you wonder where the idea came from. be well Agman

  3. So sad yet so beautiful. Truly a gifted poet.

  4. I can remember reading this out at school and not really understanding? for me it's sad as well, nite nite.

  5. This is a powerful poem and definitely makes me think about missed opportunities. A sad one and so well done.

    1. Crazy really! but when I read this poem it comes to life and I see the clothes, the dance hall and hear the music, and in my minds eye, I watch their dance and their departure as they go in different directions, to who knows where? thanks for your visit jess, be well.


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