Tuesday, 17 July 2012

what's in your name Terence

My South African Crew.

Have you ever thought to yourself ?
What your name means to others? how it sounds to others?
even what it suggest are important consideration's, and may influence your future.

My name is known in ancient Roman as Terentius and it has been a long journey to arrive at my name Terence, all my life it has reflected what I am today and forever.
It's said! I am courageous, and afraid of nothing? Faithful and true,and love a challenge, and will choose targets in life without fear of failure!
A brave and useful ally.
I have seen many things in my life and I hope my name prevails with my memory and starts a ripple through time
giving love and good thoughts to all .

What's in your name, please tell me ? I sit on the edge of eternity waiting?



  1. So why do I keep calling you Agman?! And you never corrected me?! Your name is great, you will live out your name in Jesus name amen.My name means glory, honour and strength of God. Have a great weekend!

    1. Glory and Honour to you,thanks for your comment


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