Thursday, 26 July 2012

Valentines day.

My Dear Sweet Heart?

You know where this comes from.

I have looked for an opportunity to get somebody, (anybody will do!)  to introduce me to you! 
in the hope it would lead to us into becoming friends? and maybe? just maybe? something more. 
Unfortunately for me? this has not happened, yet?
So I'm left with wee questions?
Would you like me? 
What do you do for pleasure? What do you like to eat?  and Do you know what you want in life? and so many more questions? 
Do you still have dreams? Are you straight?
I live a little in fear of the answers to these questions, for obvious reasons.
In truth I have been an admirer of you, since I first saw you.
You are an attractive women, with a warm smile and I wish I could reach out to you and talk to you! But then I'm just a shy guy.
Where do you go when you dream? 
When I dream, I dream of you !
Sometimes, at night from deep inside of me, your name calls to me, 
as it pulls on my heart strings. 

For you are my most favourite memory of all.

Happy Valentines day


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