Sunday, 29 July 2012

H.M.S Victory

I would like a truthful answer to my Question.
"Is it true" ?
A British old age pensioners weekly allowance, is £106.00 plus an extra £25.00 for his wife. (After paying into the system for 45 to 55 years.)
Immigrants or Refugees, (bearing in mind they have paid no contributions or very little) receive a weekly allowance of £250.00 plus a weekly wife allowance of a staggering £225.00 and a further hardship allowance is available to them of £100.00!
but not available to the British Pensioner!
The yearly allowance for a British pensioner totals as £6000.!
Total yearly allowance for the Immigrant is £29.000.!
Surely this can't be true? Am I wrong for asking this Question?
Where is the truth? tell me! Yes or no ?

The English Navy at it's finest hour:

H.M.S "Victory" was a 100 gun ship built and launched at Chatham in 1716
rebuilt  in 1803.
Lord Nelson took command and took her into battle and into history? in 1805  at the "Battle of Trafalgar". she is now preserved at Portsmouth dockyard. "Horatio Nelson" was reported as saying, " he just did his duty"? 
Be proud ? Go touch the wood and smell the history!

This wonderful drawing comes from the "Historical Ships" collection 
by David C Bell. at the "Marine and Wildlife" studio in Lincoln.


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