Monday, 24 June 2013

The Cleaning Lady

Looking out my back window.


This is one of those verses that demonstrates the good natured banter that goes on between, the Bowling club and the cleaning lady.
The cleaning lady very graciously gave me this, What a star!

The cleaning Lady:
left this note before going on holiday.

I've washed down all your windows,
I've tidied up you mess.
When I come back I hope to see the place as clean,
or else !

I won't be washing up you cups or ringing out your bell,
instead I'll be putting my feet up and say "you can go to hell!"

So see you in a fortnight, enjoy the peace and quite and mark my words if there's a mess I'll cause a bloody riot!

 The Reply from the Bullin club:

Oh the clubs wee cleaner's awa
Irene she's ever sae braw,
with a duster and brush
she's a cleaner wi  pu'sh
Irene the toast o them a'.

Oh the clubs wee cleaner's awa
Irene, she's resting her jaw,
In her wee bathing suit
She's Just sitting aboot
wi' naethin' tae dae at a'.

There's puddocks loupin' in the sinks,
There's tea bags laying In the rinks,
Prentice Says the whole place stinks
Since Irene shot the crow.

The clock has stopped
The drains are chocked,
Tam Cummins says his been "nocked"
The club has gone to pot.

It's the roughest place you ever saw
whit they folk dae's against the law,
There's a crowd don't hiv' a maw or
And the cleaner's on the loose.

The flag's been hung half up the mast
folk haud their nose as they walk past,
A disaster area It's been classed
And the clappers oot the bell.

The Thursday mornin' crowd are bleetin
I've even seen, some stan'-in greetin
Their tea just doesna' seem to sweetin
Since Irene cut the stick.

What's to be done, no one can tell,
it seems the place is bound for hell.
She might come back if you ring her bell.

The Bullin Club

I had to copy this off of a couple of sheets of  old paper I struggled with the Scotty Bits,
But I think it was worth it , hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



  1. I think it was worth it to figure out the Scottish bits! This was so fun to read! :)

  2. I loved your ghost ship blog,I'm sailing to the Isle of Mann for the weekend, hope I don't become a mystery?
    Be well. Agman

  3. This one was just way too much fun! I loved it.

    1. I think I would stand at attention in her presence. be well my friend


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