Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Road Tax

My Pond

Here's a verse from the past,
from a farmer to his local tax office. After losing his tax disc

Southwest Scotland

I dinna say am faultless,when exercising care,
On looking' at the screen ae day, the licence wisna there,
I needna mak' excuses,as tae how that cam tae pass,
so sen' me oot anither ane, an be a nice wee lass.

Reply from the Council.

Every morning, every night,
Check your screen and
keep things right.
If perchance your  "disc"
is slipping,
try a glue a bit more gripping.

Local Tax Officers compliments;

Thank you for the  first laugh of the day.
( didn't they do well?)

The above is one of hundreds! no thousands! of verses, poems, rhymes, that are one off classics from our past, laying in wait to be seen and can be! in the archives of our government offices, old libraries are also a good place for them to wait, hidden in books by their writers.
You will be introduced to a more compassionate time.

Oh how I wish... I could be, talented just like the rest of thee.



  1. How fun! I would love to write a letter to my tax collector in verse and have them respond back in verse as well. :) I love these treasures.

    1. unfortunately a lot of them, they no longer see us as people, be well

  2. Oohh- I love your pond. So vibrant and peaceful looking. :)

    1. It's a gathering place for the wild life, be well.


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