Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Death Wish....

Out my back window.


A Death wish....
This note was left by a frustrated housewife on her Hoover in the middle of the lounge, for her husband to find.

I would if I could- but I can't!
I just ground to a stop,dying on the spot.
Your wife thinks it's my fuse,
but that don't mean a lot,

So if you take a minute to look,
inside my little bott.
I'm probably stuffed with balls of fluff
and my wheels are bound tight with string,
making movement an impossible thing.

You'll possible find it's my works.
I've taken all I can,
I'm ready to go to the skip on Tuesday,
In cash's van,

I was given this verse by the writer who saved it,  written over 25 years ago, Cash was her brother, didn't she do well.



  1. lol, well, it's most interesting.

  2. I have a number of these verse's I've picked up, they are a true part of life and as you say interesting. thank you for your visit, be well my friend. Agman

  3. How fun that this has been saved all this time! I am usually too mad when something breaks to write down a poem- but maybe I will try it next time. :) I would have loved to see her husband's face when he came upon the note.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyerd it I have a number of these from the same lady, I use them when I can't quite get a fitting ending to my blogs. I have about half a dozen driving me crazy! Also I live near a book town, where thousands of books are thrown away,I have permission to search them and on the odd occasion a wee story from the past drops out and I save it. be well Agman

    2. How fascinating! I am also curious about the thousands of books being thrown away. I imagine there are some interesting finds in some of those books!

      By the way- I absolutely love your view! WOW!

  4. Jess you should remember the books are picked over by the book town before I get my chance, some finds are poetry and rhyme great but some are personal messages and notes I haven't found a way that I can use these pieces. nite nite now I must sleep, Agman


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