Friday, 24 May 2013

Do They Think That I Do not Know.?

What's Cooking?

Henry Lawson


They say  that I have never written of love
as a writer of songs should do,
They say I have never touched the strings
with a touch which is firm and true.
They say I know nothing of women and me
in fields where love's roses grow.
they say I must write with a halting pen.

Do you think that I do not know?

When love's first burst came to me,
in days when our hair was brown
and the hem of her skirt was a sacred thing
and her hair was a angels crown.
The shock when another man touched her arm,
where the dancer sat around in a row.
the hope and despair and false alarm.

Do you think that I do not know?

They say I have never written of love,
they say my heart is such,
that the finer feelings are for above.
But a writer may know too much
there are darkest depth in the brightest nights
when the clustering stars hang low.
There are things it would break his strong heart to write.

Do you think that I do not know?

Written by a poignant Australian.

Who was it who said "Aussies can only swat flies"
how do you like those apples?

The picture came off off  a magazine I got at a news stand in Melbourne "Jolliffe's Outback" I loved the humour, he was also a great talent.
Born in England, Died in Australia aged 94 years in Nov 2001.

Really do you think I do not know?


  1. Gave me chills, my dear friend. Wish my poetry were half this good.

  2. Yes it makes me grab at my breath also. thanks D be well Agman


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