Wednesday, 15 May 2013

DNA (to be or not to be)


When I  wrote my last post.
It was just something I picked up on and thought I'd blog it. but after I wrote about 6 pages! I realised it is an never ending story and I decided to leave it to somebody who could do the subject justice and included it in a book?
 so I backed away from the subject and posted that last blog.

Now After reading through my notes I realised how important it really is, many of our general everyday illness's, heart attacks, general cancers, breast. eye problems, bone problems, and in what direction your development  as a human-being would go, will be effected.
You name it, it all seems to be linked in some way.
It all seemed to start for me with some scientist saying "DNA is a billion times more accurate than finger prints",
Now forgive me for saying "but does that mean the finger print was not as accurate as they first thought? and loads of people were jailed and executed because of it".
Now I can't for the life of me, support  anybody being incarcerated  or treated improperly if the only evidence is,only DNA or only finger prints, just in case it turns out to be not so accurate, in a few years time?
Let me just  give you my forecast for the future, lets just go forward 100 years and use one aspect and there are hundreds in the DNA stories.
A young lady goes into the hospital for a DNA test, as she has just recently discovered she was pregnant.

In the year 2113 it is mandatory in our country to get a DNA check as soon as she knows she is pregnant.
The test only takes a few minutes, if the foetus passe's the current minimum standards that's fine, but if baby doesn't? your given a tablet similar to the morning after pill) that is on the market here and now! But more sophisticated with no side effects.
The Mother will have no idea? or she will have been convinced that having a baby with a faulty gene is not what she wants.
DNA scanning will be wide-spread within the highly technical societies, (Ones with money).
Even if her baby passe's the genetic test the baby will be monitored for the rest of it's life, as the Mother and Father and the rest of the population are.
There may be scanners on the doorway of building for identification which randomly check your DNA for any changes at the same time,  (Rogue genes).
Which may be used on job applications, medical aid, the list is endless.

The long term effects may be a reduced population, and the freeing up of busy hospitals, because many of the general illness's and old age induced illness's (Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Parkinson's, and so on the list is endless,) will be virtually none existent.
Due to the DNA testing and scanning which will have wiped out the faulty genes in our gene pool of our country, after a period they may decide to go a step further and start changing our genes to make us more productive for what ever job of work they decide for us.
"Never happen you say" just think what our Politicians are up to now, "what do you think they will be up too in 100 years time"?
You may say that doesn't sound so bad! if it wipes out decease! Well I would agree except for the  babies who are put down, before having any life, on the off  chance that they may get a illness.
Hitler tried the same thing in the 1940s.
This is crazy and never ending so I'll quit now and leave you with this.
It's the thin end of the wedge! and only one of them.



  1. I can see the world the way you painted it in this post. It is crazy to think about. So many great things can come from science, but there are also things that can go very wrong. Lots of potential for people to behave badly (the movie Gattaca made me very concerned about things like this).

  2. Thanks Jess your very kind, it sort of reminds me of a bit out of an Aerosmith song.
    "Looking through the looking glass looking back at me.
    I've got xray rear view vision,
    But I don't like what I see"
    be well.

  3. Honestly, a very scary thought but certainly possible.

  4. Hi Donna, always a pleasure to hear from you. be well. Agman


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