Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Can you be born bad

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I was just trolling through G+ share and I saw a small statement, basically saying, "a baby is not born bad, it is the influence of his mother and father  and what it learns  from its parents"  that changed it.
Well that may be true.
It also mentioned that if the baby was never  influenced by it's bad parents, it would grow up without these bad traits?
With that in mind, lets just remember the baby is made up of parts of his parents.
Genetically speaking! the babies genes are sub-units of the DNA and similar to their parents and they may have that one gene that is predisposed to violence and mayhem, so isolating the baby from its evil parents and placing the baby with  goody goody two shoes foster parents, may be a wasted exercise.
One day I'm sure this may be a proven fact after they check all the genes to a greater depth and the sub-unites of the sub-units of the DNA we may see a different story in the future.
Which will lead to adopting parents looking for babies without these genetic traits, as some do now with medical problems and education and looks.
Just think you may not be able to get a job without first undergoing a DNA test and have a card to show as proof of passing such a test.
How do you like them apples?



  1. Naaah!

    Our genes are just the foundation on which the animal is built. In that respect we are no different to a lion who's actions are instinctual. Sure, lions kill. But it's only in defense or survival.

    It was the evolution and subsequent elevation of the human mind that created evil.

    "Choice" and our ability to see it is when evil sprouted. "Conscience" in its early development made it easy to live with. We became able to better our own situation to the detriment of someone else.

    Now, years of breaching boundaries and slicing through taboos in the name of human progress has left us with very few places to go.

    Not so long ago, jokes about semen, peadophiles and disabilities were frowned upon as in bad taste. Now, they are commonplace. It can only go further if it becomes truly grotesque. We'll be listening to jokes about 8yr old girls getting pregnant after being raped by a rabid Pitbull soon. And I'm not kidding. All this will do is break down more taboos and desensitize the individual.

    There will be those of us like you and I who see it coming. But our insight will far outweigh any action we could possibly envision.

    The apocalypse will not be the destruction of the world our human minds have created, it will be the complete corruption of the human mind due to the world we have created.

    And frankly, I think it arrived some time ago.

  2. This makes me think of the movie Gattaca. If you have not seen it- it is fascinating (and scary to think about). Interesting post!

  3. I never saw the movie, but I'm sure I may have opened a can of worms. thank you Jess at DMS I enjoy your site. Agman.

    1. Terence- Thanks! So glad you enjoy our blog. I think you will find Gattaca fascinating. It is about 15 years old- but it is about a future society. Genetically altered people are considered superior in the movie- but I don't want to tell you any more. :)

    2. I will look out for it, regards.

  4. I can remember when I was a university there was a big debate at the time about nature vs nurture. The nurture end was the prevailing mindset of the time (this was the late 70's) but I've always believed it to be a combination of the two and that nature does if anything have the stronger influence.

    I'm pre-disposed to liking things that neither of my parents were interested in - where does it come from? Nothing to do with the environment I was growing up in, but then also not an obvious link back to them. What spark do we have that makes us all so unique?

  5. Possible your parents had the interest inside of them, but didn't know it or have the opportunity to expand their true interest, life is easer now in that respect, As for the Genetics? I don't believe it's an exact science yet. Lets wait at least a 100 years or so, (it's dangerous) as they say" suck it for a while and see", I'm also sure the link is there, and you may be realising unknowingly some of their dreams. be well Aman

  6. I disagree with 'bad parents'. That certainly has a lot to do with it, but you are right. DNA has so much more to do with it. So much more. Interesting post.


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