Friday, 6 April 2012

Summer Riots

The riots of last summer are not the best way to remember last year in London.
Gangs roaming the streets threatening fellow citizens, wrecking fellow Londoners properties, by burning their cars and their homes! breaking into and stealing from shops, plus handing out the occasional beating to any body who disagreed with them.
Then there was the much published face off with the police, an unruly gang throwing anything they could at the police, a thin blue line with their name tags and faces on display, to a gang of masks and hoodies, if these people were genuine, they should have shown them selves and been willing to have their day in court and explain themselves.
The fact that a vast majority wore hoodies and mask, shows criminal intent. A fair few of the people convicted after the event were not unemployed? they had good jobs! but they seem to like a good old riot with a bit of larceny!

The hoodie is a perfectly good and practical piece of clothing and the right to wear it? go's without saying! But it is associated with gangs, thieves and drug dealers.
One of the hoods great failings is the that it hides the wearers face, which creates fear and we shouldn't have to live in fear! I'm sure there would be an outcry, if the police wore masks and no name tags.  Human beings set great score on seeing the face in front of us, its part of the way we civilised people communicate with each other.
There is a misuse of the right to wear, what we like, when you like, and how we like, by the rioters, a right by the way, won for us by our service men.
Its no wonder the police are on edge, when they have stop a hoodie?
Their higher command seems to be bent on looking for scape goats to blame and appease the rioter! So under that sort of pressure! they make mistakes? They are like you and me, they are only men!

I may be naive? but I always thought that the law  was a way of educating us into a more responsible way of living together, giving the Police prosecution targets! is against the spirit of the law, and self defeating.
So what do we do about this? firstly let me say I have no idea? But there must be a way!
I know we need to change, and we need  honour! Integrity! and honesty! back in our lives.
If you look at the track record of our politicians? there is not a lot of it about,
There does seem to be a doctrine of machiavelliz'm (to their shame!) entrenched in our government. The majority still seem to believe we are a world power, its a joke but they have no idea!
We need a new breed of politician ones with Honour, integrity and honesty and a conscience
One who can stand and tell our allies and the rest of the world, that we are going to stop our overseas aid programs and immigration and not get involved in policing the rest of the world,
Because we cannot afford it, we never could afford it, it was always on borrowed money, and now with the recession its vital to our economy, to withdraw until we recover.
I know this just a dream, and there a a few politicians out there giving us the finger as they fiddle their expenses,( hey let me have my dreams?)

In the US Senate last week a  Mr Bobby Rush, pulled on a hood! As he was making a statement,
Saying" when one wears a hoodie, it doesn't mean they're a hoodlum" he used his position in the senate to  exploit an emotional and sensitive  tragedy for his own selfish gratification, when he pulled the sunglasses on, for me! it said it all!  just another black panther power hoodlum.!
so you see we are not alone.



  1. Wonderful post there Wingman. I agree. We have often remarked when at the voting polls that we sometimes vote for what we consider the lesser of the evils running. New politicians coming in are all spouting things we want to hear, but then after elected, it's the same game. What we need in Washington is a housewife who knows how to balance a budget and help her neighbors. Welfare needs to be reformed. Make it back into what it was originally - a means to help someone who's lost a job and actively attempting to find another. I have no excuses for our politicians. They are shameful. We all need to stay within our borders to a certain extent. We all have so many in our own countries in need of help and yet they send freely to other countries and tell us we are so far in debt we'll never see daylight. Who cares who is in space or what is on Mars. Leave the poor beings alone. We've screwed up the planet well enough, leave anything that might be growing on another planet to their own. Use that money where it is needed. I believe violence begins in the home. Prayer is needed. Discipline is needed. Raise your children right and the violence will cease. Also, it wouldn't to get the politicians out of Washington and put a housewife there. :)

    Enjoy Fat is the new 30. Her books will make you laugh.

  2. Donna, Amen to the house wife doing the books, I just love that Idea go well.Wingman


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