Monday, 30 April 2012

Lest We Forget


Australian Air Force

My God this night I have to fly and ere I leave the ground; I come with reverence to thy throne where perfect peace is found.

I thank thee Lord for the life I've had, for home and all all it's love, I thank thee for the faith I have; which cometh from above.

Come with me now into the air be with me when I fly, guide thou each move I make way up there in the sky and should it be my time to die, be with me at the end, help me die a Christians death. On thee God I depend.

Then as I leave this mortal frame from human ties set free.

Receive my soul O God of love, I humble come to thee.

Written by :  Lt E.B. Impey  Pilot killed in action August  1944.




  1. What a beautiful poem. So well written and so peaceful. I loved reading it.

    1. Its hard to know? if when Lt Impey climbed into his aircrsft! did he consider it a blessing or a curse?
      thank you for your comment.


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