Monday, 24 August 2015

love is one thing

From a school girls  keep-sake of memories,
Her Notebook,

Before the days of phones and other electronic things, many young girls used to carry small keep-sake note pads, where they got to write their thoughts in, encouraging their close friends to put comments in as well,
There wasn't the isolation which the modern phone seems to create,
can you imagine the little gang of girls gathered around the school gate? giggling, squealing and laughing as they pass around their latest wee comments in their pads.
From what I've read I believe the girls attended school in Lincoln England in 1918,

As you've picked up by now? I have one of these pads and I would like to share it with you, Well? some of it " It's quite thick?

1918, Aug 17,
Owner Miss Gladys Goulding.

The first page has a drawing of a flower, no date, and signed " with love from Etta"

The next entree must be from a family?member it's signed J G 1918,
( maybe Mum?)

"Love is one thing"
"Fathers boot is another"
"If you don't get one"
"Your sure to get the other"


"Love is sweet"
"But ain't it rotten"
"To love a girl"
"Another's gotten"

Signed: J E Curtis.


"If you want a treasure for life"
"Miss Gladys Golding will make you a good wife"
"She is loving and gentle and not to prim"
"For further particulars enquire within"


J E Curtis
22 Clifton street

Well I must away? but before I go?

Read what "Miss May Campbell had to say!"
" In 19th of Aug 1918"
"Any fool can go to bed"
"But it takes a woman"
"to get up in the morning"
 That's Me

be well:



  1. That’s lovely Agman! I have a book like that somewhere, I must look for it and perhaps do a blog post about it. The one I have is quite large with ‘gleanings’ printed across the front. It’s been a few years since I looked at it, so there may be nothing worth sharing, but I will check it out – into the loft I go. Barbara x

  2. There is always some thing to share, these note pads seem to bubble with young love. be well, Agman


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