Monday, 24 August 2015

I write to be remembered.


I thought some of you writers might appreciate,
What Miss D Rainy wrote in Miss Gladys Golding Keepsake? Notebook.

" I write not here for beauty"
" I write not here for fame

"I write to be remembered"
"So I'll simply write my name"

signed D Rainy of Lincoln England,

And one more for the pot!

"I've looked these pages o'er and o'er"
" To see what others wrote before"
"And here upon this vacant spot "
"I now inscribe "Forget me not".

"Remember me dear Gladys"
" When on these lines you look"
" Remember it was " Emily?
" Who wrote them in you book"

Emily Southley.
Aug 19th.

How sweet is that? Be Well Agman


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