Friday, 2 August 2013

Love Honour and Respect

         The lower end of the audience.

I borrowed this poetry, so we could all see the talent that shines within her poems, there for us all to see .

I used to go a'wandering.

I used to go a'wandering
across mystic lands so green
to visit with sweet faeries
and drink sweet tea with their Queen.

I used to go a'wandering
through enchanted meadows fair
to spend delightful days dancing
in the magical creatures square.

No longer can I traipse about
tho' I do remember those times
and the merriment I enjoyed
including making silly rhymes.

Written by Donna Yates.

and can be found in her book of poems;
Stepping Stones to Love Honour and Respect.

I recommend you rush of to amazon and get a copy as I'm about to do.
I just love this poem Donna I'm sure the rest will be  my treat.

Thank you.


  1. I, too have read this book. Donna's poetry is sublime.

    1. I agree, thank you for your comments. agman

  2. Lovely pictures and poem, thank you for sharing them.

  3. All down to the blinding talent of Our friend Donna Yates, be well.

  4. Terence, you took me by surprise! I'm thrilled and honored. Thank you so much for this post and for liking my poems.

    1. I'm the one who is thrilled and honoured, for being lucky enough to have you call me friend, I read all your posts and this ole dork? learns a bit more each time, thank you.

  5. As soon as I started reading the poem I realized I knew it! My lovely friend and author, Donna! I have such a great image in my mind from the words that I knew at once what I was reading. :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem!

  6. I too am proud to call her friend, and read her poem's, thanks for your visit.


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