Saturday, 17 August 2013

A wee Mystery? Crop Circles

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The web Site:
The secret D.M.S. files of Fairday morrow.
Has many things I enjoy,
it's creative and leaves you thinking, and that's got to be good, right?
So of course I follow it. See for yourself? visit their site, you will not be disappointed.

This weeks theme was about crop circles, so I just thought I would mention what I saw in the late 1970.

I was flying along at 1000 feet on my way to a weed spraying job.
I was over the wheat country of central Victoria, around 150 miles north of Melbourne. and seventy miles east of the Hume highway, no roads to speak of, just dirt tracks.

So you can tell I wasn't really in striking distance of the crop circle promoters.
I had wheat all around me for at least 50 miles, when I noticed a mark on the wheat about 6 miles in front of me.
As I approached it it grew larger and as I flew over it, I saw it was a crop circle.

Now it was the first time I had seen one, but I had read about them in the newspapers, how they were seen a lot in Europe.
Of course our little green men! were getting all the blame?

So just to be nosey I flew a lazy turn around the field, it was at least 20 acres in size and it was at least a quarter of a mile from a small dirt road, and there was no see-able spoor of anybody or anything being in the field or surrounding fields.
This circle was a bit rough, not a bit like the ones being reported in Europe, with their lovely geometric designs,
I was confident that no man had a hand in this or had been in the field.

It was a sort of a circle with a tuft of wheat standing up in the middle, I decided it was storm damage, created by the funnel that drops from the leading edge of a thunder cloud ( A tornado if you like) and returns back from whence it came creating no more damage.
So I flew on to my next job and forgot about it, until now.

A few years later I was lucky enough to see some proper ones, in Southern England during a spraying season,
and after observing them from the air.
I am again confident in the knowledge that they are man made, their spoor was easy to see from the air to the trained observers eye, they all seemed to be close to main roads and strange as it may seem they were also given a fair bit of news cover?

So my verdict is that the wee green man is innocent of interfering in our crops after flying millions of light years to get hear!

What do you reckon?



  1. I don't think it's little green men but more likely little bored men with nothing constructive to do.

    1. I would say you scored a direct hit there Roger, thake you.

  2. Wow, how interesting. Imagine seeing one. I agree. I think people are doing them, but one can never be sure.

  3. The Leprecorne would say "to be sure! to be sure!to be sure!" thanks for your comment Donna.

  4. Hello Agman, I love visiting the secret DMS files they talk about such diverse topics.
    I’m sad to admit it, but I think you’re summing up of crop circles, and little grey men is absolutely right. Roger hit the nail on the head with his comment!

  5. I am the little green man that hid while you flew over never did finnish that job was never proud of the way i left the triming up.Happy birthday Cuz Mike Lol

  6. Hello Agman- Thanks so much for mentioning our blog here. How exciting to read the post and see your kind words. :)

    I have never seen a crop circle in person- only pictures. I can understand what you are saying about the one you first observed and how different it was from the others getting noticed in the news. I think most of them are done by people who want to create a stir. Although- there is always the chance that some are done as some sort of signal.

    Great post!

    1. It's so true I enjoy your blog, be well, Agman


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