Thursday, 24 January 2013

Making out your Last Will and Testerment

Your Last Will.
This is a little job we all have to do.
It may be a bit unpleasant but it must be done, other wise you may not be able to control who inherits your property after your death, the wolves of our society will move in and carve up what little you have.
What to do?
Well you can ask around your friends, talk to citizens advice and a variety of Age Concern and pensioner clubs or go straight  into a Solicitors den!
Maybe some of the Age Concern Clubs will offer a £30.00 will service for a standard will, all you do is make an appointment and a Solicitor will visit you at Age Concern and advise you.
Now call me a doubting Thomas! but I don't think many people come away with the £30.00 will.
I personally believe the £30.00 will ! is the honey pot to attract customers.
It would be an interesting exercise to find out how many age concern people come away with a £30.00 Will.
The standard charge is around £190.00.
Here's what I suggest.
Buy your-self, a do it yourself will pack.
High street price? less than £20.00, take it home, open it, then go and make a wee cup of tea, then sit and look through the paperwork, put it down and go back to it for a read after a couple of days, then leave it for a bit and return to it and give it a good read and digest it, I'm sure unless you make your will complicated, filling it in will be no problem, if it is ? go to a solicitor, you will find after reading the guidance manual you will be in a better and calmer position to explain your needs.

It would be interesting to know how many of the above! mention the  more economical and perfectly legal do it yourself route.

Be well.



  1. I know a man who passed recently without writing a will, now his wife and children are at the mercy of his brothers. God have mercy!

  2. Everyone should have a will, but you can do it yourself. Even online, you can download free forms.


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