Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Short Wee Story





I'm standing outside my grandsons school,waiting to pick him up, all the parents are gathered around the entrance, waiting for their children to come out. Youngest first.
As the teachers started matching the children with their parents, she lets them go to their parents, some squealed some cried some shouted, walking shyly, or just ran to their folks, all were very happy to see their parents.
For me this was a rare privilege to witness this emotional scene.

A young boy possibly 5 years of age, walked out in the direction his teacher had sent him, firstly he was walking quite fast! but when the man he was walking towards called his name; he stopped and looked all around for a familiar face, he was fearful and hesitant, the guy  was standing beside me and I noticed the small boy looked like a lost puppy, the man called the boys name again and the little fellow started to move again, he looked so confused and and close to tears. I was getting a little concerned myself.
The guy had a black beard and looked a bit intimidating! so I watched him. He dropped down onto one knee and called to the boy again, using his pet name, saying "I'm your daddy", the little fellow look a bit unsure? But he moved into the arms of the man, as the man cuddled the wee boy, he said "Don't you know your daddy" The boy touched his daddies beard and his daddy said "Oh yes! I grew that while I was away working;  don't you like it?" "Running his fingers through the beard he said "you are my daddy?" and gave his dad a big kiss an cuddle, and they just walked off into the crowd.

My grandson came out the school running, I got his coat and bag to carry and a cuddle and asked if "he could play football for 30 minutes and would I please wait for him? ", which I did.

What is this life? if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare


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