Thursday, 22 March 2012




When I first started Blogging! I was not sure of what to expect?

As I grow older? I am having problems laying some of my memories to rest, Advice I received, was to write it Down! and they would go away.

I felt blogging would be  the ideal type of therapy and might release me from some of my nightmares.

But the opposite is true and! and I feel trapped, instead of laying my memories to rest? It seems to be wakening them up! Memories that I had buried in time and forgotten, are back? Trolling through my mind, awakening old emotions! which I no longer want or need.

By the time I post one memory, another one visits me? I'm not sure of what to do or where to go now.
It seems I'm on a never ending train.

Maybe time cures all things and I'll just have to wait



  1. Sometimes I feel like old memories are brought up for a reason. Maybe because they are not resolved. It's not always easy, but for me I tend to go with my bandaid theory. If you cover a scratch up with a bandaid it may seem to heal faster, but if you let the air get to it it heals even faster than with a bandaid. The air may hurt more, but in the end the wound is healed and your skin is stronger than ever.

    1. Thank you for that, Princess? But I feel time will prove to be an issue.

  2. I have become the master at tucking bad memories away. The walls to my castle are thick and if the draw bridge is down and I get hurt, then it goes up and gets secured. That has been what life has taught me. I live in my ivory tower, but unlike Rapunzel, I do not let down my hair. (Sounds like a topic for a post on my blog.) I love the picture of the crop dusting. I live in South Louisiana, cane country, and we see a lot of that. You do know that everytime I post on my blog, I look to see it you've been to visit! You're my wingman! Donna

    1. Donna Mc this reminds me of the 1956 song Ivory tower, "its cold so cold in your Ivory tower"? I'm sure you are just a slip of a girl and don't remember this tune. Memories are just spirits! no wall however high or thick can stop them, you must find a way? your family needs you, even if! they don't realise it. respectfully, your wingman


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