Monday, 13 February 2012


You Know! being a young man growing up, can have serious drawbacks, like most other guys of my age I never listened to what adults said to me.
So the night my Uncle Michael told me to shut up! or, as he put it! "Shut up or he would punch my lights out ", Well! I didn't ! and he did?.
So there I was! standing outside my mates house, in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in the rain, Feeling stupid.  My pride wouldn't allow me to return home, double stupid!
It was far to late to risk tapping on the window , just in case I awoke his Mum and Dad, I wasn't ready to face them.
So I sneaked around the back to their garden shed, as I approached the shed the dog gave a cautionary growl, I called to him "Don" he went quite as he knew me well, we often hunted in the bush together with my mates.
Don had no concerns regarding my sleeping on his blanket, as for me? Outside in the rain? or inside with Ron?. No Contest!  I settled down for a nights kip with Don.
It wasn't that bad really; I think I got some sleep! well up until, Don's resident "friends" decided to move in with me, in the morning I was covered in flea bites! and just a wee tad smelly.
I thought I would wait until Johns Mum and Dad left for work, and I would go in and give John the story and get to use the shower. Johns older brothers  BMW motor bike, was not outside the back door? meaning he was at work and due home! and I really didn''t want to face the music with our Fred! I just hoped to get in before he turned up.
I noticed the traffic on the local road was getting busy, I thought that strange, then it dawned on me it was Saturday!
I was in a bit of a pickle now, what to do?

Next thing Mrs Weir came out and began to hang clothes on the line, as she returned to the house She called to Don to come, but he couldn't get out, as I had closed the door, now I had to open it without being seen and making any noise, I just got it opened when she called to Ron again, who was desperate to get to his food bowl by this time, and scratching at the door, he bounded out of the door and away towards the house.
Mrs Weir continued to walk towards the Shed, that traitor Don had obviously given the game away.
She said in a calm but firm voice " I know your in there so come out Now?" the game was up , what could I do? I came out of the shed into the bright sunlight and just stood there, shoulders hunched over, like a prisoner in the docks awaiting sentence..
She looked at me and said " Look at the state of you? you're filthy and stinking and your covered in fleas! What do you think your doing in my shed?" I replied in a sheepish voice saying I'd had a blue with my Uncle and I had nowhere to go, so I thought of your shed.,
She was just standing looking at me, I didn't know what to expect next, further interrogation! or a swift slap around the head? I deserved both.
She led me down the path and told me to leave my cloths at the door and get into the shower, which I did., after she gave me cloths and took me to the kitchen, she sat me down in Tonys chair and gave me cheese on toast and a cup of tea, it was great. John was called from his bed and was surprised to see me sitting at the kitchen table, his Mum accused him of being in on the whole thing, as she handed him toast and a cup of tea, giving him a lecture as well. then as every family member entered the kitchen they were given a full account  of my exploits, sparing no details, When I thought the end was insight I heard the motor cycle, Fred was home. He was given his toast and tea before my story, and he just looked up at me then John , that was enough for me. Of course the hero of the day was Don,
This was the start for me, of my greatest adventure into friendship with the Weir family! without any doubt, Mrs Weir and her family played a big part on my being successful in my life.

My Rupert
If friends have faith in each other, life and death are of no consequence.



  1. What a memorable time! Flea bites are not fun- and it sounds like a rough night, but the bonding with the Weirs sounds good! I love the kindness Mrs. Weir showed you. :)

    1. There are no words that I can say that would show the kindness she gave to me, she will live forever in my memory.


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