Saturday, 4 April 2015

Max Matherson ( Agricutural Flying instructor)

Ag Pilot.

Max Matherson.
Senior Flying Instructor.
Agricultural Section.
Superspread Aviation .

I first met Max in his office at Moorabin airport, after I received a training grant from the Australian government to train as an Ag-Pilot. and they sent me along to him for practical training, after passing the agricultural pilots exam of course.
As this involved one on one training, I found myself sitting across the table from Max as he outlined his training program, it would involve lectures on flying, the practical, plus a whole load of other bits and bobs? and Max was a bit of a demi-god to me.

Anyway that's not what I'm getting at,
As I was sitting across from Max I noticed a picture frame with a quote in it and as my eyes kept looking at it, it was distracting, not knowing what it said?
Max took it from the wall and gave it to me to read ,
he said it had been a while since it had distracted anybody,
then in the next breath he said " never had G B Shaw been so wrong" Then he said "what do you think?".
I said I'm not sure, so we left it and went back to the lectures.
I'm still not sure?

The Quote: from memory.

Those who can, do!
Those who Can't,
Those who can't teach?

Well fellow bloggers "What do you think"?

My last meeting with Max was at the Melbourne  showground, on show day, he came up from behind me and vigorously shook my hand, saying with a big smile on his face,
 " My God Agman your still alive"?
I turned and smiled at him,  he still had all of his hair and it was as white as snow and his blue eyes sparkled with a youthful twinkle, his face had the tan a pilot flying single cockpits aircraft gets, after a few years, in the seat.
We went into the beer tent for a couple beers and went on our separate ways.

Go well Max.
I will look for you in the queue at the pearly gates,


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  1. Hello Agman, I’m not sure what to think but what I can say is it reminds me of something my dad used to say to my - There is no such word as can’t you can and you will. I think what he meant was if you think you can’t do something just keep trying until you can.

    I’ve been thinking about your quote as I typed and now think it must mean something along the lines of those who can’t (or don’t want to) teach become lecturers. I might be miles of the mark there, but it sort of makes sense to me.

    I hope life is treating you well. Barbara


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