Friday, 11 May 2012

Where do you stand


Where do you stand.


Buddhism: Hinduism: Judaism: Christian: Islam: Confucianism: Taoism: and the rest ?

None of the philosophers involved in creating of these Religions, suggested or condoned any form of aggression towards another Religion, or any fellow human being, whatever.!
Defence? maybe Yes!  But not Genocide? never!

For many, many years leaders of the world, have wrongfully used Religion to create hate and distrust and start wars to further their ambitions for wealth and power, to the detriment of the ordinary people and its gone on for hundreds of years and continues.
Now we have Politicians and Dictators doing the same thing, there are singing the same song with a little difference, "Defence of our way of life"? What they mean is, their way of life!  but really nothing has changed.
All these Politicians and their current Dictator friends, the world over, live great life styles and get wealthy off of us! we pick up the tab with our taxes and lives. Did you ever see A poor Politicians?

Let me state my opinion is this mire of lies and deceit.
I don't believe that anybody who is involved or influential in any form of atrocities against a fellow human being, with no thought or care for the lives they are destroying, be it by signing a piece of paper or strapping on a bomb Its wrong and no Religion condones it!

Claiming to be part of any Religious group just shows the absolute contempt they have for us,
They should not be aloud to drag Religion down to the murky depths that they have sunk to, by suggesting they are believers!
A Politician is a person who can lie to the press! and then believe what he reads.



  1. I agree with you on this subject. It's always easy to justify by finding some excuse, and religion has been the one used most often.


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